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MAP 11: Woodland Productivity overlay

Policy 32. Single-family residential, light industrial, light commercial, open space, nonprofit and non-organizational in nature recreational uses, commercial/recreatipnal uses, and public or quasi public uses only may be permitted.
The pemlitted uses will not create erosion or sedimentation problems.
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Hydrology Summary

Summary of Crystal Geysers' claims
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Daniel Axelrod
Prof. Emeritus of Physics
Univ. of Michigan
June 15, 2015


Test Results from Big Springs

In June 2015 WATER contracted with Basic Laboratories to do an analysis of the water at the Big Springs source. The results of this study can be found HERE. The results showed small amounts of some metals and phthalates in the test sample, but the quality control samples also showed these same metals and phthalates, indicating this result was probably from the test materials and NOT an indication of significant contamination of the spring water.  Testing was not done on bacterial contamination. Nothing in this report makes any implications about the quality of Big Springs water at the current time.