The Wheels of Justice Grind Slowly


Our legal case challenging the County's approval of the fatally flawed Crystal Geyser EIR is slowly progressing through the court system. We are currently finishing up the "preparation of the administrative record" which collects and organizes the huge amount of paperwork, emails, letters and communications with Crystal Geyser, Analytical Environmental Services,  Siskiyou County and Mount Shasta City around the CG EIR. This "administrative record" process alone has cost us over 15 thousand dollars! These outrageous legal fees are just one of the ways the system is rigged against citizen participation in challenging the "anything goes" status quo in this area. But with your help we are moving forward! We are now expecting to have our first hearings in February or March 2019. The good news is that CG has done no further work on the Mount Shasta plant since we have filed our appeal of the EIR.