W.A.T.E.R. opposes Shasta Dam raising


W.A.T..E.R has submitted comments on the EIR Notice of Preparation for the raising of Shasta dam. We feel this project is harmful to both the environment and to the people of California. This project will further drown many sacred sites of the Winnemem Wintu Tribe after much of their tribal land was submerged by the original dam. This project will primarily profit a small handful of wealthy agribusiness owners in Southern California who grow almonds and other thirsty crops.  Each almond requires a gallon of water, aggravating water scarcity issues in California caused by global warming.. Our comment states:

"There are many more cost effective ways to invest in increasing water supply such as desalination, groundwater restoration, water reclamation, fixing leaky infrastructure and conservation. The DEIR must consider that growing food in a desert area is not a good plan for the sustainable future, particularly when we are considering the predicted, and already present, issues of climate change. With the proposed further raising of the Shasta Dam, Winnemem Wintu Tribal Cultural Territory is once again under attack. Previous marginalization of this culture does not justify or allow for further acceptance of the past abhorrent practices during the construction of the dam."

See our full comments document HERE.