W.A.T.E.R. and Winnemem Wintu Representives Interviewed on JPR


Geoffrey Riley:  A water bottling plant on the edge of the city of Mt. Shasta awaits a few more approvals before it can be sending out truckloads of bottled water.  Crystal Geyser announced the plans several years ago and as of yesterday still said on its website that it hoped to open the plant in 2018.  That didn’t happen, but the company continues to collect the permits and approvals it will need to open including the granting of an industrial waste discharge permit from the city of Mt. Shasta that drew protest from the Winnemem Wintu Tribe and the group We Advocate Thorough Environmental Review or WATER.  Let’s catch up on the opposition to Crystal Geyser.  Mark Miyoshi is the Winnemem Wintu tribal Historic Preservation Officer.  Thanks for joining us by phone Mark.

Mark Miyoshi: OK, thank you Geoff.

GR: Raven Stevens is with us as well.  She is a WATER Board Member.  Raven welcome once again.

Raven Stevens: Yeah, thanks for having us back on Geoff.

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