Crystal Geyser Roxane's Corporate Tactics Exposed


Plans for a mega bottling plant in SW Washington State likely dead.

Crystal Geyser Roxane’s plans and manipulations around its proposal to build a huge 100,000 square foot water bottling plant on land purchased near Randle, Washington, were recently exposed when Crystal Geyser Roxane's Chief Operating Officer, Page Beykpour, accidentally sent the local paper an email meant for the Crystal Geyser Roxane President.  In spite of threats of unwarranted litigation, the Daily Chronicle published the letter and subsequent article (Chronicle, July 11). Crystal Geyser Roxane’s plans to build this plant in Randle drew immediate opposition from community members, the Cowlitz Tribe (Chronicle, June 10), and others concerned about the impact this plant could have on the community and environment. (Chronicle, June 14). Most disturbingly, the email sent to the Crystal Geyser Roxane President revealed the plans to sue the local neighborhood group opposing the bottling plant and hire a PR firm to set up a phony “grass roots” group  (sound familiar?). But most encouragingly, because of strong opposition, Crystal Geyser Roxane may pull out of Randle entirely! Thanks to the growing opposition to these mega plants, and the many real grass roots organizations preceding and working in tandem with others, the truth can counteract the tactics of corporate water heisters. And a thanks to everyone who is working so diligently here in our region, too.