Help Reduce Plastic Pollution!


W.A.T.E.R. is working to address the global plastic crisis.  We’ve prepared a locally focused petition asking Siskiyou County retailers to make available and sell a wider variety of items that are neither made of plastic nor packaged in plastic.  The petition suggests various types of eco- friendly, non-plastic-containing products on the market that could be made available in our local stores, and also asks that retailers remove plastic-bottled beverages from their shelves.

Once completed, we will be taking this petition directly to store managers and owners and request these changes.  You can view the petition report HERE.

We hope you will consider ways to reduce plastic consumption in your own life.  We offer these tips:


  • Use reusable shopping bags. 

  • Avoid buying unnecessarily packaged products like fruit and vegetables--choose the LOOSE produce and put it in your reusable, natural fiber produce bag (e.g., cotton, paper, etc). 

  • Buy in bulk as much as possible, taking your reusable bags and glass bottles to contain the products.


  • Cook from scratch to eliminate pre-packaged processed foods. 

  • Wrap melons, lettuce and other veggies in a wet cloth or tea towel instead of plastic wrap.

  • Buy (or make) some beeswax wraps which can be used for sandwiches, cheeses and many other items; these can be washed and re-used. 

  • Store leftover foods in glass bowls covered with plates, and reuse glass jars from previously purchased food items (peanut butter, pasta sauces, etc.), rather than buying plastic food storage containers.

  • Avoid using plastic garbage can liners (line with paper or nothing at all).


  • Use bar soap instead of liquid hand soap.

  • Use bar shampoo instead of bottled shampoo--alternatively purchase shampoo (and other liquid toiletry items) from bulk stores--and keep reusing the same bottles.

  • Buy a bamboo or wooden toothbrush and make your own toothpaste!

  • Look around your house, many, many plastic items, when they need to be replaced, can be replaced with non-plastic items.


  • Take your own cup to the coffee shop, meetings, etc. (most disposable coffee cups are LINED WITH PLASTIC!).

  • Carry a reusable water bottle instead of purchasing bottled water and beverages.

  • Take your own reusable food container to restaurants to take home the leftovers.

  • Drinking straws are unnecessary, however if you must use one, there are reusable options (e.g., metal, glass, bamboo). 

  • Bamboo or wooden cutlery sets are ideal for picnics and potlucks, or better yet, just take your household cutlery and plates to such events.


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