Board Member Raven Stevens was interviewed on EcoJustice Radio


Plastic Plague Series: PART 5 (of 7) THE BOTTLE SCAM - we connect the dots between the Water Bottle Scam and the fight for Land, Water, and Indigenous Rights.

Our guests include Stiv Wilson, Co-director of @peakplastic and Creator and Producer of the film, The Story of Plastic [] and Raven Stevens, Board Member of W.A.T.E.R. (We Advocate Thorough Environmental Review) [].

The chain of environmental and social impacts is an embedded cost of bottled water, a resource that is supposed to give us life, but now arguably the process to extract, make, ship, store and dispose of seems to take from it.

Clean reliable and free water should be available to all. Companies want us to fear our tap water and sell us "solutions," increasing our dependency on bottled water by providing something that was once free, but now costs us $2k times more. That isn't a surprise when Pepsi has been quoted saying: "the biggest enemy is tap water."

With ½ billion bottles used and disposed of every week in the United States, while land and water resources are stolen and polluted it is time to close the tap on the Bottle Scam. The solution isn't as easy as switching over to a reusable water bottle.

Raven Stevens is a Water Protector and Community Advocate, living in Mt. Shasta, California. She is working with W.A.T.E.R. (We Advocate Thorough Environmental Review) and the local community to stop industrial water extraction in and around Mt. Shasta. Raven Stevens is a spokesperson for the Gateway Neighborhood Association and representing W.A.T.E.R. for this interview. She plans to keep up the fight to prevent Crystal Geyser from harming the mountain and all life downstream.



Listen to Interview HERE.