Water for Citizens of Weed, CA (WCWC) objects to Crystal Geyser leach field waste disposal plan.


WCWC has submitted a comment letter to the Northern California Regional Water Quality Control Board (NCRWQC) objecting to Crystal Geyser Roxane's (CGR) plans to discharge waste water into an on-site leach field. The letter says in part:

  "In 2018, an adjoining neighbor in Weed discovered that CGR had, without permission or authorization, been dumping its wastewater into a holding tank that consistently overflowed, sending wastewater off its property and into Black Butte Creek, a Boles Creek (Shasta/Klamath watershed) tributary. CGR had to immediately cease this practice and start sending its wastewater into the City of Weed’s sewer system for treatment. Reportedly due to the cost associated with using the City wastewater treatment system (which needs a significant upgrade to handle CGR’s wastewater in the long-term), CGR has indicated to the City of Weed that it is planning on building a new leach field for its wastewater. "

The letter goes on to express deep concern, since the proposed leach field is only 250 feet from a major City domestic water source, the Mazzie Well: 

“Given the proximity of this proposed leach field to an important City water source, the presence of dangerous chemicals in the waste water, the large amount of wastewater involved and CGR’s poor ethical track record at other water bottling facilities, we view the development of this leach field as a cause for great concern--a threat to both our City water supply and to water quality in the Boles/Shasta/Klamath basin.”

See the letter in full HERE.