W.A.T.E.R. takes "plastic free" petition to local retailers


As we hear in headlines almost daily, plastic pollution is a world-wide, catastrophic and growing problem for our oceans, other ecosystems, as well as all of humanity and wildlife.

Many in our community as well as all over the world are concerned about this growing problem and would like to do what we can to stop it. Although many of us recycle what we can, we recognize that our current plastic recycling infrastructure falls far short of effectively addressing the pollution issue. Because of the ongoing subsidies to the petroleum industry, virgin plastic is so cheap there likely will never be effective recycling options. Many of us have chosen to reduce the use of plastics in our households (for more information, see, however, this can be challenging if we are not given the option to purchase non-plastic products. Thus we consumers cannot solve this problem alone.

Engaging Local Retailers

It is a constant challenge to find in our local stores products that are plastic-free. We are asking that our local retailers do their part to reduce plastic pollution by stocking on their selves products that are neither made from nor packaged in plastic. The petition, signed by 261 community members, demonstrates the community interest in having such products available.

See the petition report HERE.